Detroit casino experiences a deadly shooting resulting in the death of a man

According to the local reporters, on Sunday morning, March 21st, there was a shooting in the garage in which a 25-year-old man was killed. It is claimed that another man shot the 25-year-old man who was having a fight with his girlfriend. Canadians love to hop the border and travel to Detroit to play at nearby casinos but it is safer to stay home and gamble online at sites like  Woo Casino.

A victim and his girlfriend are reported to have had a fight in the garage of the casino around 2 am on Sunday. The third man, who is still unknown, started shooting from his gun to stop the couple’s argument. A 25-year-old man died because of the wounds from the fatal shooting right away.

Detroit police are still trying to get all the details of the accident, and they are not revealing the information about the shooting. 

The officials were searching for potential witnesses and investigating the details of the accident at the crime scene. The cops were also searching for evidence in the garage where the shooting took place. The forensic expert is expected to do the autopsy of the 25-year-old man to give further details about the death. 

The Detroit casino reacted to the accident and gave comments to a local TV channel saying that their main priority is the safety of the employees and guests of the casino. “Early this morning, there was a deadly accident in the territory of the casino, and we are working with the Detroit police to reveal all the details of the death and punish the man who was shooting.” 

It was announced that a 27-year-old suspect was arrested by the police. Further details have not yet been revealed.

Those who were witnesses of the accident are asked to call the police to help with the case. 

Are casinos getting dangerous?

It is not the first time when the garage was a place for violent crimes in America. In 2020, parking spots and garages in casinos became scenes of various crimes in many cities of the USA. For example, a month ago, two men needed to be taken into hospital after numerous stab wounds on the parking lot. 

Another accident story that went viral was two suspects were shot by the police after they allegedly robbed a woman in the casino and tried to escape. Another accident happened when a man was attacked and robbed by two criminals in the garage of the casino. The victim is reported to have been almost 90 years old. Last summer, two casinos had deadly shootings in their garages.

Last weekend was not calm in Detroit. In addition to the deadly shooting in the casino garage, eight men got stabbed during a fight in the hookah bar and were sent to the hospital to get urgent treatment. Also, one man was shot when he tried to stop the fight between a man and a woman in the hotel. 

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